Yunnan, A Mysterious Place You Will Want To Visit

China with Yunnan province in red
Created by: Jade Yuxuan Gao
This is a project for class ED621
Dr. Pryor,
Grand Valley State University
Allendale, Michigan

      Located in the southwest of China, Yunnan is the eighth largest province among 31 provinces and autonamous regions in China. Similar in size to California, it covers an area of 384,000 sq. km. (240,000 sq. miles), with a population of 36 million. It boarders Vietnam and Laos to the south, Burma to the southwest and Tibet in the northwest.
      Yunnan, the Chinese name which means "the beautiful clouds in the south" actually comes from its location that is south of the Yunlin Mountains. The land is as beautiful as its name. The people are as tender as its name. There is no wonder that visitors love Yunnan as soon as they enter the province and leave with loving memories and unforgetable experiences.

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